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Is Your Plumbing System Frozen?

Frozen Pipes


Fresno PlumberWhy Does a Plumbing System Freeze?

The pipes running through a house make up the plumbing system. This system is responsible for delivering clean water into the house and carrying dirty water out of the house. Pipes under normal circumstances do their job effectively, but sometimes problems occur such as freezing pipes.

A plumbing system freezes when it is not sufficiently protected from cold temperatures of 20°F or lower. The water in the pipes freezes as it reaches subfreezing temperatures inside the pipes. Let’s examine how to prevent this problem from occurring.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Inspect all the pipes inside and outside of the house. The pipes that are in unheated areas need proper insulation from the cold. This insulation comes in many forms including special pipe sleeves that fit around the pipes.

There are special Styrofoam caps that are available for outdoor faucets. Attics, crawl spaces, attached garages, outdoor areas and unheated basements are just some of the areas that may have exposed pipes. As garden hoses and sprinkler lines are extensions of the plumbing of a house, they need draining to prevent water from freezing in them.

In addition to the above measures, leave the water running during freezing temperatures. The water does not have to be turned on full blast to work. Just let it trickle for one or more of the faucets inside the house. Moving water is less likely to freeze than stagnating water is to freeze.

Why Is It Important to Keep Pipes from Freezing?

Water expands as it freezes in the pipes and this can place pressure on the pipes causing them to burst at times. This will lead to other damage happening in the house, no water usage and high repair bills.

If the break occurs within the walls, floors or ceilings, these parts of the house may also need repairing along with the broken pipes. The repairs could reach into hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Frozen PipesThis is why it is important to keep the plumbing from freezing in the first place. Prevent any damage or inconvenience from occurring simply by practicing the preventative measures mentioned earlier.

Call a professional plumber when any issues occurs with your plumbing from freezing or other causes to ensure it is repaired in the proper manner. This will protect not only your plumbing, but also the rest of your house.

Are your pipes possibly frozen in your Fresno home? Give Pacific Plumbing a Call at (559) 647-1092, in order to figure out why your water isn’t working properly.

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The Reasons of Clogged Drains

Why Does a Drain Clog?


Fresno PlumberHow Can I Keep This From Happening?

Having a drain get clogged is a harrowing experience that, if left unattended, can lead to serious damage to your home. More likely though it is an irritant often starting as a slow clog and growing progressively worse as time goes on. Understanding how and why a clog appears in your drains is an essential part of stopping it from getting out of hand and making sure it is properly taken care of.

Why do Drain Clogs Arise?

There are numerous causes of drain clogs in your home. Often the heart of the matter is a poorly designed pipe system that leads to clogs through sharp turns and pipes that shift in ways that are not conducive to the free flow of matter that goes down a drain. While this can be a big issue that needs an entire redesign of your plumbing system often it can be dealt with just with an increase in clogs.

Beyond that other things can lead to clogged drains. Food matter can become clogged and require assistance in being dislodged. This can typically be done with a snake or auger that can clear the drain and allow for it to flow freely.

Some drains become clogged with an tree root of other plant matter that breaks through s pipe and becomes an impediment to the piping system. These branches need to be cut and cleared in order to allow for your plumbing system to operate well. This is difficult id not impossible for a do it yourself type person because branches are often far underground and can’t be dislodged without the use of special tools to remove the impediment.

In some cases the pipe has to be cut open and replaced by a plumber after the area is cleared of debris. This is complex and may even require walls or concrete to be opened up if the spot is hard to reach or buried underground.

Drain CleaningWho should perform the plumbing work?

A licensed plumber should be contracted with to perform plumbing work.

Licensed plumbers are trained and experienced to handle complex matters well beyond the level of home experts and can clear up clogs with tools that allow them to easily identify the cause and best solution for the clog both in the short and long term.

Also licensed plumbers are insured and can provide the best protection for your home as a result of something goes wrong.

Is your Drain clogged in your Fresno home? Pick up the phone and Call Pacific Plumbing at (559) 647-1092 now, and get the quality plumbing services you deserve.

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Tips on How to Lower Water Bill!

What Consumes the Most Water in My Home?


Fresno PlumberMost developed nations take fresh clean water for granted except during drought or heavy water usage that turns the normal pressure of faucets to a trickle. Water consumption can be a huge factor is homes these days.

The average home consumes 70 gallons per person a day. When wanting to combat low water pressure and high water bills, one should first check for leaks both inside and outside the home.

A drip can account for 20 gallons of water being wasted a day. Another 10 gallons a day is lost to leaky toilets and faucets. Some common places to check for leaks are under sinks and around toilets. You can also check your meter to see if there is unexplained usage when no water is being used in your home.

Call in a professional to make sure that dollars are not flowing down the drain.

How is the Water in Your Home Being Used?

The average family can use up to 400 gallons a day. In most homes, 40% of water usage is for flushing toilets, using up to seven gallons of water per flush. Bath, showers and bath room sinks consume 35%. This means that 75% of a home’s water is used in the bathroom. The shower uses 4 gallons of water per minute.

Laundry is 14% of total usage and kitchen consumption is 11%. When washing dishes by hand, 20 gallons of water per load is being used. Standard washing machines can use from 27 to 54 gallons of water per load.

How Can You Lower Your Water Consumption?

After eliminating any leaks, there are simple thing include using aerators on your kitchen and bathroom sinks, and installing a low flow shower head to lower water consumption. The low flow shower head can save by reducing water usage from 4 gallons per minute to 2 1/2 gallons.

Buying a tank bank or float buster for your toilet results in only 3 gallons of water instead of 7 gallons per flush. Turning off your tap can also save money.

Water ConsumptionFill a glass to rinse your mouth when brushing your teeth. Use a few inches of water in the sink when shaving to rinse your razor. Only use the dishwashers and washer machines when you have full loads.

Keeping a pitcher of water in the refrigerator so that the water is not ran each time you take a drink. These few simple things will start you on the right path.

Is your water bill too high in your Fresno community? Call Pacific Plumbing at (559) 647-1092 to get more tips on how to save water.

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Preventive Maintenance to Save Money!

How Does Preventive Maintenance Ultimately Save Me Money? 


Fresno PlumberPreventative Maintenance Will Reduce Energy Costs

It is a great idea to ensure that every plumbing system is offered regular maintenance.
With preventative maintenance your plumbing will give you an efficient and cost effective system. Preventative maintenance will allow for a smooth running and well maintained plumbing unit.

This will save you money in the long run because there will not be major plumbing problems if it is well maintained. The preventative maintenance will lower your energy costs. You will receive an increase in dependability in your plumbing. The maintenance will prolong the lifespan of all plumbing equipment. The lower energy costs will certainly add up in the long run and save money.

Avoid Future Problems

Everyone can save money with preventative maintenance. Any plumbing problems can be detected through preventative maintenance. These check ups can find any potential plumbing problems. The check up will find any potential problems before they turn into major catastrophes. A catastrophe will cost much more money as opposed to early detection of a problem.

Preventative Checks

A preventative maintenance check is important because it will go over and ensure that all plumbing is in good working order. The following is a sample of what can be checked when choosing preventative plumbing maintenance. The sample list of items:

  • Check for leaks that may lead to major problems-a complete inspection of all faucets, pipes, toilets will ensure that water damage will not occur
  • Ensure that there is an even water flow-the pressure must not be too high as it may cause water waste and that leads to a higher expense-

These are only a sample of the preventative maintenance items that can be to ensure there will be no costly or major future plumbing problems. There are items that the average individual can also do to ensure better plumbing.

Preventive Maintenance

Items For Prevention

There are many things that every individual can do that will prevent future plumbing costs. Here are two prevention tips:

  • Use a strainer in the bathtub-this will help to avoid a clogged drain because it will catch the hair an other particles. It will help to prevent mildew and mold
  • Take action before the cold weather strikes-Pipe freezing can be prevented by opening any cabinets below the sins, leaving tap to trickle

There are many more tips to offer on preventative maintenance.

Looking to hire a plumber in your Fresno community? Call Pacific Plumbing at (559) 647-1092 today to get the reliable plumbing services you deserve.

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Attend That Leak! Don’t Wait!

What Are the Precautions to Take When Discovering a Leak in My Home? 


Fresno PlumberIn an attempt to save money, many people try to repair home leaks on their own. However, when it comes to plumbing issues, it is wise to employ the services of a skilled plumber. A plumber is trained to troubleshoot the problem and consequently eliminate any guesswork involved with the repair. However, when a leak is discovered, a few recommended precautions will resolve the issue. We can help with our plumbing services.

Before the plumber arrives

Depending on the severity of the leak, close the shutoff valve near the leaking pipe, or catch the drips in a large bucket. These measures are meant to be temporary fixes until the plumber arrives. If pipes are allowed to leak for too long, then mold will grow. This will exacerbate the situation and cause additional repair procedures to be implemented for mold removal.

Appearances can be deceiving

Sometimes, a leak in the faucet indicates a larger problem. A plumber diagnoses the leak and traces it back to its source. The main problem may not be the leaking faucet. It could be the result of high water pressure entering the plumbing system. This pressure would weaken the faucet connections and eventually cause it to leak. However, precautions include repairing the faucet and pipes which could have suffered damage from the water pressure. The job of the plumber is to fix the leak, troubleshoot the source of the leak, and repair any damage.


LeakWhen a leak is detected, it is essential to call a plumber to repair the area quickly. The urgency is due to the growth of black mold. This dangerous mold grows around water leaks. The longer it is allowed to remain on a surface, then the more hazardous it becomes to people exposed to the spores.

When the occupants of a home are exposed to black mold, they may suffer allergic reactions and respiratory difficulties. Once the plumber has repaired the leak, then the mold can be washed off the surface with hot water and detergent.

To ensure that the spores are eliminated, spray the area with a diluted mixture of water and bleach. The mold will die once the area is completely dry.

Once a leak is detected, it should be repaired quickly. The longer it is allowed to leak, then the more difficult it will be to repair, and it will become an increased health hazard.

Serving your Fresno community everyday. For leak detection assistance, Call (559) 647-1092 at Pacific Plumbing Co. today for reliable plumbing services.

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Discolored Water? It’s Repiping Time!

How and Why You Should Repipe Your Home

Fresno PlumberMany people wonder if there will come a time when they need to repipe their home. There are some variables that you need to consider if you are wondering this. Here are some questions you will want to have answered before you decide.

How Do I Know If I Need to Repipe My Home?

If you have old galvanized piping you need to replace it. This type of piping rusts easy and you don’t want to have rust in your water lines. You wouldn’t want to drink water from rusted pipes. It can also slow down the water flow in your home as it builds up on the insides of the piping.

If you have leaking copper pipes you may also wish to repipe your home. This is especially true of older homes. It could have to do with the age of the copper pipe or it could have been lower quality pipe that the builder used to cut corners when the house was built. A good example of this would be if the builder used a thinner copper pipe than the Type L copper pipe that is stronger. Some chemicals in water may also eat at your pipes over the years this can erode the pipes leaving them leaky.

Illegal pipes are another cause for concern and repiping. Sadly, some contractors, even those who are licensed, cut corners and do not install things up to code. If something is not up to code, it is illegal and could be a serious hazard.

How Long Will It Take?

RepipingIn most cases, providing everything is readily available, it will take from one to three days to repipe a home. It is going to depend upon the size of the home and the size of the exact project. The water will be turned off during the working hours.

Why Should My Regular Plumber Do the Job?

Many regular plumbers are experienced at replacing pipes, and repairing plumbing issues. When it comes to replacing or repiping your home you want someone on the job that does this end of plumbing for a living. You want the job done right the first time. For this reason, always find out what the company you are calling specializes in. You want to be assured that you are getting quality workmanship.

Clearly repiping your home is a huge undertaking, however, when it is completed you will have no more plumbing issues with your pipes and will notice a great increase in your water quality and in your water pressure.

Want to repipe your Fresno home? Call (559) 647-1092 at Pacific Plumbing Co. today and get the job done with our services!

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Move Your Kitchen Into The 21st Century!

Why Do I Need a Plumber to Remodel My Kitchen?


Kitchen RemodelingWhy Do I Need a Plumber?

There are many reasons why a homeowner may want to consider hiring a professional plumber during their kitchen remodeling process. Firstly, a large portion of a home’s plumbing system is located in the kitchen area. Therefore, since most kitchen remodeling projects consist of taking apart cabinets, counter tops, and even walls in some cases, it is highly likely their drains and pipelines may need re-positioning as well. A professional plumber will carefully and strategically place the pipelines and drains in positions for achieving the greatest amounts of efficiency within the functioning of the home.

Fresno PlumberAnother reason why a plumber should be contacted during a kitchen remodeling process is because the plumbing system is installed into the home in a centralized built, in which all of the pipelines and drains are connected with one another. Therefore, one bad occurrence in the home’s plumbing system will probably mean the entire unit is malfunctioning in some way. Whether that occurrence is in the form of not reaching the full potential of efficiency in water circulation, or there are leaks or broken parts is solely dependent on the issue itself.

What Are The Benefits?

A professional plumber offers many benefits that may not be achievable if they weren’t to assist in the remodeling process. They will be able to properly inspect the entire home’s pipelines to ensure that the water flow runs smoothly and at the speed it is meant to run at. The problem with many of today’s households is that they haven’t conducted enough maintenance inspections to achieve full efficiency of their water systems. Also, if the water is coming out at a faster rate than it is supposed to, the homeowner may end up spending more money on bills than they would if they had acquired the services of an experienced plumber to fix the issue. The pipelines and drains of a home is engineered and designed with several intricacies, making it difficult to fix and/or maintain unless the individual is well versed in the mechanics of the system. A professional plumbers skills, experience, and equipment makes hiring their services the most viable option in most cases.

Are you looking to turn your Fresno kitchen into an exquisite space for culinary creations? Call Pacific Plumbing Co. at (559) 647-1092 for the plumbing help you need to make this dream come true.  

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Is Your Water Really Supposed to Look That Way?

Discolored Water: Causes, Fixes & Prevention


Discolored WaterDiscolored water may be caused by various reasons. It is not a reason to be alarmed or cause any panic, as there are no known health risks. Rather the discoloration is caused by iron and manganese oxides, or sediment in the main water line. This can happen sometimes when faucets or water lines have not been used or run for a while causing the sediment. Other times it is caused when the water department has been working on a water line that has been shut down for a while, this is why it is a good idea to call a professional plumber.

Cloudy water or white discolorations in water may be another type of problem, which can be affected by air in the water system. Air in the water system is not harmful at all, although, it may appear a bit weird, it is harmless. If you fill a pitcher with cloudy water, you will notice that after a few minutes the water will clear up and the cloudiness will disappear.

Plumbing ServicesTo fix this problem is usually pretty easy, as all you have to do is turn on all faucets from your house at the same time, let them run for a while and it should clear the problem after a few minutes. If it continues try again later, wait for the sediment to settle, and try again. Usually this solves the problem, and the water will run clear, and ready to use again.

Green, brown, or blue water can be harmful to your health. If you are having this type of problem, it is best to call a professional plumber, or your water department and have them inspect your water line immediately. Though this is very rare it can happen under certain circumstances.

Some tips to prevent water discoloration includes flushing your hot water heater regularly, replace any rusty pipes that may be corroded, or use a filtration system making sure it is maintained accordingly by manufacturer’s instructions.

Water we use on a daily basis should be clear and clean. If the water you use has any type of color other than clear water… You may want to use the tips mentioned, but if the problem persists, you may want to have it inspected by professional plumbers for best advise.

Bring in a plumber into your Fresno home to look over your plumbing system and make the necessary corrections. Call Pacific Plumbing Co. at (559) 647-1092 today! 

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What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?)

Hydrojetting and It’s Benefits


HydrojettingHave you noticed wastewater backing up in your drains or extremely slow drainage? Have you started to notice a foul odor in drainage areas? Are you a commercial business or building with high occupancy or facility use? Developing a plan to correct pipeline issues is an important step in avoiding costly repairs to your plumbing system, whether it is in a commercial or residential setting.
Hydrojetting is an environmentally friendly procedure that cleans your drains with extreme water pressure. This method differs from snake cleaning in that it requires heavier equipment and must be done by a professional. While businesses such as restaurants and even hospitals require regular hydrojetting services, residential pipelines also benefit from routine maintenance.

Hydrojetting Grease

Over time fats, oils, and grease (FOG) accumulates inside pipelines. Restaurants, hospitals and businesses with a high volume of traffic and cooking or grease waste must maintain a vigilant maintenance schedule. Without proper maintenance, their pipelines will quickly be plagued by blockages, back-ups, foul odors, and even fines due to the amount of FOG deposited into city sewer lines.

Hydrojetting Roots

If you have an issue with roots in your lines, hydrojetting is an important step in the solution. The jetter will mulch the roots and wash them down into the city sewer. Once you have cleared the roots, your plumber will be able to video the affected line & provide a more accurate repair estimate. Once any repairs are completed, an annual hydrojetting schedule will help prevent futures issue.

Fresno PlumberHydrojetting Debris

Hydrojetting can cut through the toughest debris and stoppages and is frequently used in restaurants and commercial applications where food waste or industrial debris are present. Residential issues such as hair and soap debris build up over time and can be just as damaging as clogs in commercial environments, so setting up maintenance on your residential pipelines is also a quality investment.

While hydrojetting is an extremely effective method for cleaning pipelines, it is one that requires the expertise of a licensed, insured and experienced plumber. The use of high pressure hydrojetting could damage lines that haven’t been properly inspected. Only trained professionals know how to prevent damage to your system and ensure a thorough cleaning job, so always invest wisely by hiring a person with the appropriate skills to do the job.

Stop waiting for the perfect time to take care of your home’s drains and call Pacific Plumbing Co. at (559) 647-1092 today for Hydrojetting services in the Fresno area!

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Be in The Know When Hiring a Plumber

Things You Must Know When Choosing a Plumber?


Fresno PlumberIf you are looking to hire a plumber, there are a few different things every homeowner should be aware of before hiring one. After all, you don’t want to get stuck with a plumber that doesn’t know what they are doing and end up damaging your house further. In order to hire a plumber, homeowners should make sure the plumber has a plumbing license, insurance, and of course experience.


Having a plumbing license means you went to school and received the proper training to be qualified as a professional plumber. Each state is different when it comes to having a license or certificate, but homeowners can still check on any formal complaints about the plumber before hiring them. When a plumber is licensed or certified, that means they have the knowledge to take care of all your home’s plumbing needs and not go in blindly trying to fix everything. Plumbers will make sure everything is in working order and make sure their customers are satisfied and happy with the overall experience. Why try and fix something yourself when a professional plumber will fix it correctly and without all the hassle and stress.


Just like a plumbing license, homeowners want to make sure their plumber is properly insured. Plumber insurance will not only protect the plumber, but it will also protect you just in case there are any accidents or injuries. Accidents can happen, and you don’t want to be stuck paying for your plumber’s hospital bills.

Plumbing ServicesExperience

Having a plumber with experience will make everything run smoothly and efficiently. Any plumber that has been in the business for any amount of time can and will give you references. If they can’t or won’t, then you might want to consider looking at other professional plumbers. It is all about word of mouth, so talk to your family and friends, or even neighbors, about the quality of their plumber’s work.

Before you consider hiring a plumber, you want to make sure you are getting the best possible plumber you can get. After all, a professional plumber with the proper licensing, insurance, and experience will ensure that your plumbing needs will get fixed properly and your home won’t be subject to further damage. Finding a good plumber can be a daunting task, but once you find the perfect fit, you will have a lifetime of happiness. Take your time and ask around before you hire a plumber.

We want to make sure our Fresno customers are happy, so leave the plumbing projects up to Pacific Plumbing Co. Don’t delay and call (559) 647-1092 today!