Sewer Line Repair Services in Fresno

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Sewer Line Repair Services in Fresno

Nothing is more disgusting than finding sewage in your home as a result of a damaged sewer line. This can not only cause a serious plumbing issue but can also damage your home and the surrounding area. Before panicking, look to Pacific Plumbing Co. for fast and efficient repair services. We will find the damaged sewer line and provide you with professional repair services in a timely fashion, preventing serious damage to your home. See what our past customers have to say about our services here, and call us today!

What Are Signs Your Sewer Line Needs To Be Repaired?

There are a few warnings and signs that can let you know that your sewer line needs to be repaired. These warning signs include:

  • Foul Odor – Should a sewer line become damaged, there will be a foul odor coming from the drains and plumbing in your home. The smell will generally be of sewage. This could mean that a pipe may be broken.

  • Strange Sounding Drainage – When you flush the toilet or use the sink, you may hear a bubbling or gurgling sounds. This is a sign that your sewer line may be clogged or could also be a sign of a cracked sewer line.

  • Standing Water – This is another sign that your sewer line many need to be fixed. When you use your sinks or toilets the water simply will not flow out, or will flow slowly, signaling that there is an issue in your sewer lines.

  • Water Backup – Another sign of issues in your sewer lines is if you see water coming back up into your drains, tubs, or toilets. This could mean that the water is not draining properly and is being returned to your home as a result of a faulty sewer line.

How Can These Issues Affect Your Home?

A damaged sewer line can affect your home in many ways. For one you will lose a majority of the functionality in your plumbing. From losing the ability to flush your toilet, to difficulties with drainage, sewer lines can greatly affect your home. Similarly, should an issue arise in your sewer lines this water can come up in your home or yard. This can lead to substantial damage to your home as well as the area surrounding it. When an issue like this occurs in your Fresno, CA home, call us and we will efficiently provide you with professional repair solutions today!

How Can You Prevent Problems In The Future?

Preventing sewer line issues requires regular care and maintenance. Other tips and practice to use include:

  • Avoid planting trees and shrubs near the sewer line.
  • Do not park a vehicle directly over the sewer line.
  • Do not flush anything down the toilet other than human waste or toilet paper.
  • Do not pour grease down the drain.
  • Get regular drain cleaning to avoid clogging issues.

By practicing these various techniques you can avoid serious issues from ever occurring in your home. Should you require assistance with a damaged sewer line or are simply looking to prevent an issue from occurring, call our expert technicians today. We provide all of our customers with professional repair, installation, and maintenance services for all sewer lines. Call us today to ensure your home is in perfect working order!

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We have expanded our sewer line repair service in Central California to the communities of Clovis, Hanford, Madera, Kingsburg, Sanger, Selma, Tulare, and Visalia.