Gas Line Repair & Leak Detection Services in Fresno

A leaking gas line is an extremely dangerous plumbing emergency! Call (559) 647-1092 and get immediate gas leak detection and repair solutions in your Fresno, CA home today! Save money on your services by using our online sales and coupons.

Gas Line Repair & Leak Detection Services in Fresno

If you have a gas leak in your home, the first thing you should do is remove yourself from the property and call for help!

A damaged gas line could lead to a very serious issues including explosions and in some instances death. Gas line services should always be left to the professionals as the repercussions of damaged lines are serious. At Pacific Plumbing Co. we understand how delicate and dangerous a gas line could be when it is damaged. When you hire one of our technicians, we will inspect the gas line and recommend replacement or repair services depending on the particular gas line situation. Our highly skilled and trained technicians can always provide you with the best choice to keep your home safe and efficient! Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers are saying here!

What Are Common Gas Line Problems That Require Replacement Or Repair?

A home that uses gas to power appliances will require regular inspection services in order to prevent an issue from catching you by surprise. Understanding common gas line problems is highly recommended as it will help you understand your gas line needs.

Inefficient Or Damaged Joints

  • Most gas pipe leaks are caused by inefficient joints. This kind of problem can be repaired. Weak joints are caused by the lack of maintenance services. Over time, the joint will corrode, and this will remove the protective layer on the pipe. Our technician will handle this problem by inspecting the joints carefully and repairing or replacing them in order to bring them back to functioning order.

Cracked Seals

  • Cracked seals can also cause problems in a home’s gas lines. The issue generally arises over time as the seals will age resulting in cracks or faults that allow gas to pass through. This can eventually turn into a consistent flow of gas leaking into your home which in turn is a very serious danger. If your gas lines are old, getting regular inspections can help detect this issue early on preventing damage in your home.

New Installation Damage

  • Another common issue that can occur in your home is as a result of new installations. When new items are installed such as ovens or additions to your home, a gas line may be hit in the process. This will result in cracked or ruptured gas lines. Should this happen, getting immediate attention is imperative for the safety of your home.

How Can A Gas Leak Affect Your Home?

A gas leak can cause serious risks not only for your home but also for the people inside. For one, gas leaks result in breathing issues and health risks. Inhaling large amounts of gas can eventually lead to death.  During a major gas line leak, other risks are also possible, such as fires and explosions. This issue comes as a result of gas being in the air around your home. It can be ignited by something as simple as lighting a candle but cause enough damage to lose your home. To avoid all gas line risks, consider hiring one of our technicians for maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

Why Choose Pacific Plumbing Co. For Your Needs?

Our technicians are experts in gas line leak detection and repair services. We understand the importance and danger of gas lines. We will thoroughly inspect the lines to find any type of leak or fault. Should we find one, we will perform the necessary repair services to restore it to perfect working order. We also provide new gas line installations as well as modified routing for gas lines. No matter what your gas line needs may be, our expert technicians have got you covered.

Are you looking for an expert plumber to help you solve gas line issues in your Fresno, CA home? Call us at (559) 647-1092 and get professional repair, installation, and maintenance services today!

We have expanded our gas line repairs & leak detection service in Central California to the communities of Clovis, Hanford, Madera, Kingsburg, Sanger, Selma, Tulare, and Visalia.