Meet The Pacific Plumbing Co. Team

Trusting your plumber is important when getting professional services in the Fresno, CA area. Meet the team below and call us at (559) 647-1092 to schedule an appointment today! Also, save money on your services using our online sales and coupons.


David Mendez


Nancy Mendez Co-Owner


Dan: Technician


Justin: Technician

When your looking to hire a plumber, having a professional and reliable one is always key. At Pacific Plumbing Co. we want you to have the peace of mind knowing your plumber before he comes to your home. Below are some of the profiles of our experts staff members and plumbers. See what our past customers have to say about them here, and call us today!

David Mendez – Owner

David Mendez learned to plumb in the Fresno area at the young age of 16 by working with a family friend. After a few months of working as a plumber, he had found his calling, finding that he truly enjoyed his new work. Starting with service plumbing and then moving on to new construction plumbing, David started from the bottom and quickly moved up, working for over ten years before starting his own service plumbing company, Mendez Plumbing.

After several years of growing the business, he was able to sell his company and was offered a management position by Spalding Wathen, owner of Wathen Homes, the largest developer in the San Joaquin Valley with a stellar reputation for high quality custom homes. While working as general manager for Headliner Plumbing, the pull to own and run his own company never ceased. David now owns Pacific Plumbing Co. and with his devoted team by his side, strives to provide the best customer service in the area. They guarantee the highest quality workmanship, with the highest quality professional plumbing products, to ensure that each customer’s money is well spent all the while having the most satisfying experience possible.