Repiping Services in Fresno

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Repiping Services in Fresno

Repiping is a very important service that can be needed for various reasons. Whether your piping is old, you have burst pipes, or you’re simply looking to add value to your home, repiping is a great option for any of our customers in the Fresno, CA area! At Pacific Plumbing Co. we offer our customers high quality services and materials for their entire repiping project. See what our past customers have to say here, and call us to get your repiping project started today!

When Should You Repipe Your Home?

There are various reasons why repiping services may be needed in a home. At Pacific Plumbing Co. we understand how important and complex this can be which is why we offer all of our customers the very best services possible. Some repiping situations could include:

  • Damaged Pipes – Over time the plumbing in your home will deteriorate. Slowly it will amass small leaks, cracks, and weak areas. When this occurs you could find yourself with massive water damage and higher than usual water bills. Repiping can easily remedy this issue once and for all.

  • Old Pipes – Another reason for repiping a home is old and outdated piping. Over time these pipes can break down and slowly pass minerals, rust, and other impurities into the water entering your home. By repiping the home you can increase the quality of water and functionality of your plumbing in no time.

  • Remodeling Projects – Aside from damaged plumbing systems, when you are remodeling your home another step to take is with your plumbing. By repiping your home you can have a newer, more efficient, plumbing system for all of your new plumbing needs. This includes fixtures, appliances, and more!

No matter what the reasoning may be for your repiping needs, our technicians can provide you with professional services. We will assist you in choosing the right material and keep you within your budget. By working with our highly skilled technicians you can always rest assured knowing your getting the very best services possible.

What Are The Various Kinds Of Pipes Available For Your Needs?

A home plumbing system can use various kinds of piping materials. Using the proper piping for each specific situation or purpose is very important. Our technicians are very knowledgeable about the various pipe alternatives and their benefits. Some of these pipes include:

  • Cast Iron Pipes : Cast iron is commonly used by our technicians during drain pipe projects. These pipes lower the sound of waste water very efficiently. A cast iron pipe is a strong pipe that can significantly increase the longevity of your homes plumbing.

  • PVC : A PVC pipe is a plastic, rigid pipe. This pipe is also used during waste line projects. It is strong pipe that resists chemical damage and heat damage. The added benefit of PVC is that it can be cut into smaller portions allowing for easy modifications and repairs.

  • Copper : Copper piping is a flexible and lightweight alternative to steel. It is one of the more common piping materials used in homes today. Copper is also valuable because it resists corrosion and rust. It is a very reliable option for many waste line and water supply projects.

  • PEX : PEX piping has been used for many years because of its durability. It can handle temperatures that are lower than 32 degrees, resists corrosion, and is one of the easier pipes to install. PEX piping does not have leak issues, and it is commonly use during water supply and radiating heating projects.

Professional Services From Pacific Plumbing Co.

Our technicians understand that there are various reasons behind a repiping project. Whether you have an emergency, or are looking to update your aged plumbing, our plumbers are here to help. We offer fast, efficient, and professional services. Our technicians will assist you in choosing the best materials for your home all the while keeping within your budget and needs. At Pacific Plumbing Co. we treat our customers like family which is why we always do the best work no matter what you may need!

Are you interested in repiping your Fresno, CA home? Call us at (559) 647-1092 and get professional services today!

We have expanded our repiping service in Central California to the communities of Clovis, Hanford, Madera, Kingsburg, Sanger, Selma, Tulare, and Visalia.