Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Pacific plumbing makes use of the TRIC system

How the TRIC System Works

TRIC Tools Inc. developed the first sewer lateral pipe-bursting system, opening the market for trenchless home sewer replacement. Before TRIC, repair or replacement of a home sewer meant completely or partially digging it up, which was messy, disruptive, expensive, and often incomplete. TRIC lateral bursting systems are the lightest, most compact, and easiest to maneuver, especially in the tight situations common to residential sewer repairs.

  1. Durable, flexible High Density Polyethylene (HOPE) pipe is thermally fused together
    (not glued) in 20-foot lengths, to create a new leak-proof sewer lateral from house to property line or city main. The old lateral is exposed at each end of the line to be replaced.
  2. Clearing and Cleaning of the Line
    Root intrusion, settling earth, erosion, and overall attrition cause clogs, sewer backups, and eventual pipeline failure. Once the sewer blockage is temporarily cleared, a steel cable is threaded through the line.
  3. The Bursting Head
    A steel cone with a base diameter larger than the old pipe is pulled by the cable, shattering the old sewer while pulling in the new pipe behind it. This new HDPE pipe is impervious to future leakage and root intrusion.
  4. The Puller
    The patented TRIC cable-pulling assembly puts big power in a very small footprint, and is extremely adaptable to a wide range of setup scenarios.
  5. Hydraulic Power Source (Pump)
    Our compact, portable, high-performance hydraulic power pack drives the pulling unit with rugged reliability.


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